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25 January 2017: The Weekly Takedown

Jillian C. York
Jan 25 2017

The censorship of a Russian media outlet, pirates posting porn, and more in this week's Takedown.

The Weekly Takedown: 11 January 2017

Jillian C. York
Jan 11 2017

This year's starting off on a censorious foot, with Apple blocking a popular news app in China. Find out more in this week's Takedown. launches second report, "Censorship in Context" (PDF)

Jillian C. York
Nov 16 2016

Censorship in Context: Insights from Crowdsourced Data on Social Media Censorship

News, Interest and Intrigue: Parsing Facebook’s Latest Content Moderation Policy Announcement

Matthew Stender
Oct 26 2016

Facebook's latest announcement promises greater consideration of context in content moderation.'s Matthew Stender takes a look at the news.

14 September 2016: The Weekly Takedown

Jillian C. York
Sep 14 2016

Nudity on Facebook and Instagram feature heavily in this week's takedown.