From the Weekly Roundup

  • Speech!: The US Olympic Committee is forbidding non-sponsor, commercial entities from posting any Olympic-related content on their official social media accounts, including certain hashtags and reposts from the official Olympic account.  


  • 404: Facebook’s most recent blocks and account bans over the crisis in Kashmir have people concerned about its ability to set the news agenda by moderating politically controversial content


  • Censored: Instagram is addressing its platform’s online harassment issues by allowing users to control their own comment streams, but questions of censorship loom large.


  • Long Read: A subreddit of Trump supporters is questioning how Twitter determines its trending topics by accusing the company of manipulating its algorithms to promote the hashtag “#ImWithHer.”


In other news:

  • It was recently revealed that Netsweeper, a Canadian company that provides web filtering software to entities across the globe, tried to sue Citizen Lab after the research lab exposed that Netsweeper provided Internet filtering products to Yemeni rebels in 2014 and 2015.


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