• SPEECH: Despite their participatory rhetoric, social platforms are closer to authoritarian spaces than democratic ones,” writes John Herrmann in the New York Times magazine.
  • LONG READ: “Defining hate speech online is an imperfect art” reads the headline from a Wired story by @daveyalba.

  • LONG READ: “I’m worried about the unelected bros of Silicon Valley being the judge and jury” of speech, writes Onlinecensorship.org co-founder @jilliancyork.

  • USER NOT FOUND: According to a piece in the Hill, Silicon Valley companies are playing “wait and see” before jumping into banning Nazis. “No one wants to be the last company who banned a neo-Nazi,” said one company employee.


Additional reading:

  • The Daily Caller calls out big tech companies for their capitulation to the Chinese government.

  • YouTube continues to remove videos documenting six years of the war in Syria.


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