• Following talks with the Bangladesh government, three major social media companies have agreed to do more to remove “inappropriate content” from their platforms.
  • “[I]t’s painful to read these tweets — that’s our society, you have to have room for all these voices,” said Twitter chairman Omid Kordestani, defending free speech on the platform.
  • After Orlando, are social media sites encroaching on users’ free speech?” asks the National Coalition Against Censorship.
  • A new tool would allow companies to more easily identify images "generated by terrorists and their supporters" and remove them from their platforms, but companies are wary.

In other news:

  • Lawyer Anthony Rutkowsi asks if Trump’s Twitter account could potentially be deleted under the new EU hate speech code for platforms.
  • Facebook is grappling with abuse on its Live platform after two French police officers were murdered on camera.
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