LONG READ: The EFF and partner watchdogs released the Santa Clara Principles, a set of minimum standards for tech companies to augment and strengthen their content moderation policies.

CENSORED: "YouTube has restored some channels focused on nootropics, the broad category of supplements that supposedly improve cognition, after they were wrongly deleted for violating the site’s community guidelines,” writes Motherboard.

SPEECH!: Spotify removed R. Kelly and other artists from its playlists as part of a new hateful conduct policy, reports Billboard.

NSFW: Leaked training materials for Facebook moderators show a shifting policy for flagging and deleting revenge porn, according to Motherboard 


  • Global Voices Advox  takes a look back at  “some of our most influential coverage of hate speech, harassment, and political censorship on the world’s largest social network.“
  • Activists voice concern that Gmail’s new “Self-destruct” feature will allow government organizations to delete public records, Motherboard.
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