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La moralidad de las redes sociales: de cómo Facebook censura a Trump y la sexualidad femenina por igual

Ana María Acosta
Jul 21 2016

Facebook luce así de “limpio” por la siguiente razón: cualquier contenido que no se ajuste a sus términos y condiciones de uso es removido.

Facebook content guidelines are indicative of a normative perspective on women that is simultaneously both sanitized and sexualized.

Sarah Myers West


Lanzamiento en español de

Kim Carlson
Jul 21 2016

Nos alegra anunciar que ya está disponible en español.

March 30, 2016: LGBT groups rejected from Facebook

Matthew Stender
Mar 30 2016

In this week's roundup: LGBTQ groups take issue with Facebook policies and

El acto de desaparición de Facebook

Marianne Diaz
Dic 11 2015

En Venezuela, donde los medios tradicionales no están disponibles tanto para los disidentes políticos y ciudadanos. Las redes sociales habían demostrado ser de ...

Las redes sociales, noticias, y el derecho a conocer

Jillian C. York
Nov 18 2015

La idea de nació en 2011, cuando Facebook eliminó un enlace publicado por la popular banda Coldplay.

Introducing Offline/Online: A Series of Infographics Demonstrating How Offline Inequities Are Replicated Online

Jillian C. York
Mar 7 2018

People in marginalized communities who are targets of persecution and violence—from the Rohingya in Burma to Native Americans in North Dakota—are using social m... Launches Resource Kit for Journalists

The Team
Sep 30 2017

This resource answers frequently asked questions and provides background information on various issue areas, including fake news, hate speech, and censorship of...

14 September 2017: The Weekly Takedown

Matthew Stender
Sep 14 2017

This Week In Censorship

31 August 2017: The Weekly Takedown

Jillian C. York
Ago 31 2017

In this week's update: Western firms consider censorship in Iran, another domain registrar pulls a neo-Nazi site, and more...

New project: Creating better standards for transparency in how platforms moderate content

Ago 23 2017

We're thrilled to announce that we'll be working on a new project to create a consensus-based priority list of the information users and researchers need to bet...

23 August 2017: The Weekly Takedown

Jillian C. York
Ago 23 2017

After Charlottesville, debate over how companies should deal with hate speech is growing. Here are just a few of the pieces that addressed the topic this week.

17 August 2017: The Weekly Takedown

Jillian C. York
Ago 17 2017

As white supremacists take to the streets, social media companies have begun to deny them a platform online.